AW iptables firewall bash script 1.0 personal edition

Hi there,

Update, now bug fix release 1.1, the firewall was to restrictive and doesn’t allow fast internet browsint, fixed :)

First of all , from now on this website will be in english language, if some one from the staff wold like to translate, i can add a subdomain with a new installation of wordpress.
So, this is a simple bash script which creates ¬†an stateful iptables firewall designed for blocking most common attacks at layer 3 & for on personal box’s.[not for gateways]
# a) Static rule based policies (not to be confused with a “static firewall”)
# b) Connection based stateful policies
# c) Sanity based policies
I have tested it and it blocks most nmap port-scans, syn floods, spoofing attacks and filter all ports , even open ones if the nmap sends more than 1 packet /s (very normal). I wanted to block also IPV6 traffic.
Here is the link ,

Save it as than execute it as root with sh and it will print the rules :)

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